GIS Laboratory

Geographic Information System Laboratory

The application of geospatial technology is of great advantage to those who are undertaking research in the social sciences and other fields. With this in mind, the Department maintains a Geographic Information System (GIS) Laboratory. The GIS Lab is primarily used for research and instruction. Aside from utilizing the laboratory for the digital cartography classes, the Department also offers a course on GIS applications in the social sciences.

The GIS Lab is comprised of several workstations, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers, a digitizing tablet, flatbed scanners, and a large-format printer. Each workstation is equipped with GIS software that can process data collected from the field. The workstations have a 24-hour Internet connection.

The Department facilitates training programs to members of non-government and community organizations, private individuals, and government officials who are involved in development-related programs. It aims to make GIS technology accessible to communities outside Metro Manila in order to provide them with the necessary skills in addressing specific needs. This will also enhance the capability of local government officials, non-government organization workers and community organizers in developing their spatial database for resource management at the local level. Through this process, the Department continues the UP tradition of active participation in the implementation and institutionalization of development programs that are undertaken by the different sectors in the country.


GIS Laboratory
Rm. 104 Palma Hall
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City 1101