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ARNISSON ANDRE ORTEGA, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Migration and Mobility, Urbanization, Housing, Development, Colonialism, Culture, Social Theory, Spatial Demography, Spatial Statistics
Home Institution: Population Institute, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, UP Diliman

Specialization: Marine/Coastal Geology, Sedimentology and Seismic Stratigraphy
Home Institution: Marine Science Institute, College of Science, UP Diliman
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BENJAMIN M. VALLEJO, JR., Associate Professor
Research Interests: Marine biogeography and the geography of marine species diversity in the Philippines, Biogeography of the Philippines, Urban ecology, urban landscapes and invasive species biogeography, Biodiversity dynamics and modelling, informatics and environmental statistics, Shore ecosystems and their responses to human induced stresses, Aquarium systems
Home Institution: Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology, College of Science, UP Diliman
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