Field Class Research and Extension


All students under the BS Geography program are required to participate in the Department’s field geography class, generally, conducted every midyear. (Read a UP Forum article on the Geography Field School here.)

The main objective of the field school is for students to apply the theories and skills they have learned in the classroom to the real world. This also serves as an opportunity for the Department to extend its services to the general public.

The Geography Field School has received the following recognition:

  • 2017 Gawad Pangulo Award for  Excellence in Public Services
  • 2016 Best Extension Program of Degree Granting Units

Collaborations with local government units (LGUs) and non-government organizations (NGOs) are made to provide assistance in addressing their needs and problems in their localities.

Past field work outputs include:

  • Ecological Profile (EP, formerly Physical and Socio-Economic Profile or PSEP)
  • Atlas
  • Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS)
  • Community Resource Management Framework Plan (CRMFP)
  • Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP)
  • Ecological Profile
  • Minimum Basic Needs (MBN) Profile
  • Asset-Based Livelihood Profile (ABLP)
  • Risk Hazard Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Ecotourism Evaluation

Field School Sites

(Please wait for the map to be populated. Click the yellow marker to view a picture of the field class site, the type of output, and the year it was accomplished.)