Research Groups

Disaster Action Research Team (DART)

Disasters; hazard perception; DRRM; participatory methods for DRR; ethnicity and disasters; children and disasters; vulnerability; resilience

Environment and Development Geographies (EDGE)

Political ecology; urban ecology/political ecology; environmental governance; critical development geographies; livelihoods; agrarian change; tourism; food; urban theory; informal settlements; informal urbanism; urban-rural linkages

Human Geography (HuG)

Nightscapes; diasporic mobilities; transnational communities; postcolonial historical geography; feminist geographies; gender and sexuality; countercartographies; geographic education; transportation; urban and regional planning

Geographies of Media (GEM)

Media; cartographic cinema; media and pedagogy, spatial humanities, televisual geographies, cinematic geographies, new media, sonic geographies, smellscapes

Geographic Information System and Techniques (GIST)

Remote sensing; GIS; cartography; participatory GIS; counter-mapping; historical GIS