Academic Profile – Ma. Simeona M. Martinez

Ma. Simeona M. Martinez 

       Assistant Professor


Master of Science in Remote Sensing, University of the Philippines Diliman

Bachelor of Science in Geography, University of the Philippines Diliman

Specialization: Remote Sensing

Research Interests: Agrarian Transition; indigenous peoples’ rights; GIS for local and community-based management planning; GIS for education; countercartographies

Courses Taught:

  • Geography 1: Places and Landscapes in a Changing World
  • Geography 11: Economic Geography
  • Geography 135: Rural and Urban Geography
  • Geography 109: Quantitative Methods in Geographic Analysis
  • Geography 190: Map, Aerial Photo, and Satellite Image Interpretation
  • Geography 192: Field Methods in Geography
  • Geography 197: Digital Cartography
  • Geography 243: GIS Applications for the Social Sciences
  • Environmental Planning and Management-Urban Planning and Green Architecture (EPU) 119: GIS-based Mapping (taught @ Miriam College)
  • EPU 120: GIS-based Spatial Analysis (taught @ Miriam College)
  • EPU 139: Natural Resources and Ecosystems Management Science (S)-113.1: Fundamentals of Ecology (Lecture) (taught @ Miriam College)


Ortega, A.A., Martinez, M.S.M., Dayrit, C. and Saguin, K.K. (2018). Counter mapping for resistance and solidarity in the Philippines. To appear in Counter cartography is education. This is not an Atlas. Bielefeld: Transcript Publisher.

Martinez, M.S.M., Lagman, M.S.B, and Villasper, J.M. (2016). Manila suburbs and the spatial characteristics of work in the late 19th century Manila. E-Journal of Asian Network for GIS-based Historical Studies (ANGIS), 4, 44-61.

Lagman, M.S.B., Villasper, J.M, and Martinez, M.S.M. (2015). Spatial Patterns of Migration in 19th Century Manila: An Exploratory Characterization of Migrants in the Pueblos of Dilao, Malate, and Pandacan from 1881-1895. E-Journal of Asian Network for GIS-based Historical Studies (ANGIS), 3, 3-11.

Lagman, M.S.B. and Martinez, M.S.M. (2014). Assessing the characteristics of late 19th century Manila-based business establishments: A review of the Contibucion Industrial. E-Journal of Asian Network for GIS-based Historical Studies (ANGIS), 2, 66-77.