Academic Profile – Joseph Palis





Joseph Palis, Associate Professor; Director, Third World Studies Center


Ph.D. Geography, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

MSc Geography, University of the Philippines

BS Geography, University of the Philippines

Specializations: Media-geographies, Film Geographies/Cartographic Cinema, Spatial Humanities, Countercartographies, Emotional Geographies, Nightscapes, Geospatial storytelling, Violent Geographies

Courses Taught: 

  • Violent Geographies (GEOG 242)
  • Cultural Geography (Graduate class GEOG 226 & Undergraduate class GEOG 173)
  • Geohumanities & Spatial Humanities (GEOG 214)
  • Cultures of Mapping and Counter-Cartographies (Graduate class GEOG 292)
  • Cinematic Geographies ~ National Cinema (Graduate class GEOG 242)
  • Media Geographies (Graduate class GEOG 242)
  • Field Methods in Geography (GEOG 192)
  • Places and Landscapes in a Changing World (GEOG 1)
  • Intermediate International Studies (IS 393 @ NC State University)
  • Modern Asian Cinema (ENG 492/IDS 496 @ NC State University)
  • East and Southeast Asian Cinema (IDS 496/ENG 492 @ NC State University)
  • Cinema, Nation & Globalization (INTS 92 @ UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Introduction to East Asian National Cinema (COM 451 @ UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Global Issues (INTS 210 @ UNC Chapel Hill)
  • World Regional Geography (GEOG 120 @ UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Mobile Geographies: The Political Economy of Migration (GEOG 452 @ UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Nation and National Identity in an Age of Globalization (AMST 277 @ UNC-Chapel Hill)
  • Asia Pacific: The ‘Far East’ and the ‘Orient’ (GEOG 265 @ UNC Chapel Hill)

Recent Publications: 

  • Palis, Joseph (2018). “Metro Manila: La citta come testo e non luggo (Metro Manila: The city as text and non-place)”, in Domus (Special Issue: Architecture in the Philippines, December 2018.
  • Wißmann, Torsten & Joseph Palis (2018). “Not Fade Away”, in Kimberley Peters’ Sound, Space and Society: Rebel Radio, London: Palgrave-Macmillan Pivot Series.
  • Wißmann, Torsten & Joseph Palis (2018). “Media is the Focus”, in Tobias Boos’ Inhabiting Cyberspace: The Web Presence of the Contrade of Siena, Italy, London: Palgrave-Macmillan Pivot Series.
  • Palis, Joseph (2017), “Of Spectralities and Afterlives in Philippine Cinema”, Plaridel Journal, 14(1), January-June 2017.
  • Palis, Joseph (2016). “Lost Geographies and Post-Cartographic Cinema”, Territorios do Cinema: Representações e Paisagens da Pós-Modernidade (Territories of Cinema: Representations and Landscapes of Post-Modernity), Fatima Velez de Castro & João Luís J. Fernandes (eds.), Eumed: Universidade de Málaga.
  • Palis, Joseph (2015). “Film Festivals, the Globalization of Images and Post- National Cinephilia”, The Pennsylvania Geographer, 53(2), Fall/Winter 2015.
  • Finn, John & Joseph Palis (2015). “The Medium, The Message, and Media Geography in the 21st Century”, GeoJournal, 80(6),
  • Cravey, Altha, Joseph Palis and Gabriela Valdivia (2015). “Imagining the Future from the Margins: Cyborg Labor in Alex Rivera’s ‘Sleep Dealer’”, GeoJournal, 80(6),