Important Dates for Shifting and Transferring – AY 2019-2020

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May 27 (Monday)
June 14 (Friday)
Application Period
June 14 (Friday) Deadline of Application 
(No Extension)
June 17 (Monday) – 
June 21 (Friday)
Computation of GWA (c/o OCS)
June 24 (Monday) Forward application to respective department for evaluation (c/o Departments)
July 8 (Monday) – 
July 12 (Friday)
Forward results to OCS/Notify accepted students (c/o Departments)
July 15 (Monday)- 
July 24 (Tuesday)
Confirmation of slots by accepted students/Issueance of Department Admission Slip
July 22 (Monday) –
July 23 (Tuesday)
Appeals (c/o Admissions Committee) of Departments
July 24 (Wednesday) (12 NN) Submission of additional accepted students (c/o Departments)
July 26 (Friday) Last day of issuance of College Admission Slip



Batch OUR Forward applications to OCS OCS Forward applications to respective departments for evaluation Departments forward results to OCS
1st April 23 April 24 May 2
2nd June 21 June 25 July 19